Deleting a person from one’s life

Everytime a friend of mine does not want to do anything with someone, she’ll just delete his/her number from her mobile phone and make a hand washing gesture to imply ‘i’m through with you, and you’re out of my system’. Well.. at least that person’s name is not in her mobile phone memory any longer. Maybe by doing this she hopes to erase all the memory she had with this particular person. I remembered that I asked her one time ‘what about if the number is stick in your mind and you can’t forget it?’. Her replied was ‘that’s why I don’t even bother to remember’. Again, my follow up question was, ‘what about you call that person so many times in a day that the number stuck with you whether you want it or not?’. Well.. she didn’t say anything for a while and said ‘bad luck’.

If… even though we’ve delete that particular person’s number from our speed dial system, phone memory system, back up phone memory system even from our virtual rolodex system, however we can’t even erase that particular person from the back of our mind and in some cases from our heart. Then if that case happened, all we have to do is wait I guess. Wait for the time. Wait for the moment where everything will subdued by itself. The moment where the big waves changed into a small one and somehow it’ll change into ripples and gone in the sand.

As the nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore said ‘The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough’. So I guess when the right moments come on the right timing a person will be able to delete another person from his/her ecosystem or another person will come and replace the the position of the deleted ones. Whichever happened, it will happened with a caused, at the right moment when enough time has paid its due.


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