Driving under the stars

Yesterday evening was my second trip in my step-by-step move to Canberra. I’ve been uploading the car with paintings, shoe boxes, two book cases and half of my bags, mirrors and boxes of clothing. Thank God for the help of my neighbour’s brother so the car become more organise and he helped me carrying some of the heavy stuff to my car as well.

I decided to drive in the evening time today for the reason that I feel like enjoying the bright Sydney sky and warm weather by roaming around the town. The experience of driving to Canberra in the evening is very rewarding.

There were times where I feel like driving under the stars (literally) because the road was flat and I can see the sky above me with its twinkling stars peeping brightly here and there. Plus listening to Michael Bubble and Enya songs do help create the athmosphere of serenity, peacefulness and relief. I can’t really describe with words the feeling that I have under those gorgeous stars and full moon. Somehow I feel like ‘floating’ because it was so wonderful.

Maybe if it’s not for my car’s condition, I’ll opt to drive in the evening more than during the daylight. But at this moment, I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy the evening stars very often since I know that I’ll have to be more sensible rather than just go with the flow because if ‘the flow’ got stuck at night, it won’t go anywhere.

So, yes.. if I have a better car, definately I’ll give night driving a go anytime from Sydney to Canberra and vice versa.


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