The last teaching week in USyd


At last I have made a firm and conscious decision to move from Sydney to Canberra (again). I think I am just too tired to go back and forth Sydney to Canberra on the weekend just to cater my classes commitment there. So, this week is my last teaching week in Usyd and next week will be my last days in the job.

So, I said goodbye to my level 2 students today. After I said my ‘speech’ about I’m leaving and thank them for such a great experience in teaching a very good hard working students, they clap for me. Some of them even came to see me at the end of the session and told me how they appreciate my work. One of them even said thank you because I made her enjoyed learning Indonesian. She said previously she hate Indonesian in HSC because it was so boring. Now, she really enjoy and have fun with the language. Honestly I feel touched by the simple words and sincerity. I do love my job, my students, the colleagues (well.. our department’s is well known of making noises with lots of laughters when we are around… was good fun), my boss– she’s really good, I learn a lot from her and she gave a lot of room for me to improvise and she’s really open minded– the only thing that made me have to leave is my life goal has changed. So.. I have to move on as in every other aspect of my life from the place where I live, the job as well as the relationship.

I do feel sad because I love everyone there. I have my good friends in META Centre whom I used to spend lunch hour with. I’ll miss the constant hi and smiles between colleagues from different area and also I’ll miss the vibrant of the language in the faculty. We hear different languages in every level and occasionally in the photocopy room. From Yiddish to Spanish everything is there.

I remember a saying by Kahlil Gibran that said:
“Work is Love made visible. And if you can’t work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy.”

I am so grateful so far my work is my labor of love because I do enjoy them so much. Somehow I believe that I’ll have another love in another place where I’ll enjoy and have a lot of fun with. 🙂


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