Last night with the girls

Shinta & flatmates

We were out tonight celebrating J’s birthday. She was so happy, beautiful and beaming with joy. We went out to a Salsa bar called Cruise in circular quay. It was a bit late for me because I had a very long day today. So… I fell asleep in one of the couches there. It means only one thing which is I am totally worn out so I can sleep in those loud music environment.

Anyway, I am very glad for J. I hope she’ll find the mystery of life that she has been looking for and enjoy her life to the fullest and make life wonderful even though sometimes its not always a bed of roses that she finds along the way. May she survive all the carpet of thorns in life and make the most of it. As a friend wrote to me ‘Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved’ — May she lives a better life as each day passes by.

I will miss both of you girls!!!


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