The lady with the fake Gucci

Today my aim was to organise my shoe boxes, the files cabinet plus its content in my office, and some other work related stuff.

In order to organise my shoe boxes, I printed some pictures of my shoes in a digital printing service in town. Whilst waiting for that to materialise, I went to a building call Dymocs building and change the battery of my watch.

The guy who took my order named Vincent and he told me to shop around for 15 minutes before I can came back and take my watch.

When I came back to the one person shop;
“Hi Vincent.. it’s me, have you finished my watch?”
“Ahhh.. the lady with the fake Gucci!!”
“WHAT????!!! Is it fake?” *I felt an adrenalin in my vein… and really shock because I had that little watch for sometimes now and it never fail me because I thought it was genuine all the way*
*LoL* “You should have seen your face… hahah.. oh… I do this so many times and always surprising my customer…hahaha”
*LoL* ” I thought you were serious”
“’t worry if you come back later I won’t do this thing again..”

I felt so relieved when I left the store.

It is very interesting how what we believe could be shaken by other people’s opinion, even though sometimes that opinion is not entirely correct. Or in my case, it is even a false judgement.

Somehow it’s nice to be a watch so we don’t have to put up with any false judgement by other human being and let my carer (the owner) deal with it. 🙂


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