‘Enjoy your life’ wish

I often make toast with my friends around me on ‘enjoy life’ or ‘for life’ when we cling the glasses on a special occasion. Honestly this whole toast and wish thing is a new experience for me. In Indonesia, we don’t have such thing because most of us drink tea or coffee and it’s just a bit complicated to toast with a hot drink inside your cup.

Recently, I received two texts messages from two different people who wish me to enjoy my life.

The first message was from a friend who I guess literally wish me to enjoy my life to the fullest and have a lot of fun with it. My friend’s idea for a good life is have it a go, try it, have fun, don’t even dare to think to much and just do whatever you would like to do. I know my friend always having fun. This particular friend always go to the beach and taking long holidays from time to time.

The second message is from the person who’s existence is very important and very dear for me. As the saying said ‘distance makes heart goes fonder’ yet sometimes distance create communication harder. The person who occupy my heart texted me and wish that I enjoy my life.

After a few consultations with some people around me this actually means that I’m being toss out of the relationship. The only question in my mind now is ‘why’ and the only answer that I’ve got so far is that I lie to him. No more details received about what kind of lie or anything else related to this. This is just too weird, how come two people who keep saying that they love each other suddenly wish the other person to ‘enjoy life’ without further explanation?

Is this Western way of dealing with relationship problem?

I notice that in Western society (no pun intended for generalization, but this is just a small observation from my point of view) people tend to be more easy going with their relationship. The good thing is I do notice that people are more expressive in ‘publishing’ their feelings to the other person plus more tactile with their love ones. But on the other flip of the coin, if one or two things don’t work out well, then they’ll easily say ‘enjoy your life’ [and I’ll make sure that I’ll have lots of enjoyment in my life as well– I move on, I don’t care and don’t want to know about you anymore].

In Asian culture (read: Indonesian– again sorry for the generalization); people tend not to be so expressive with their words or public caressing show. Yet, when problem(s) occurs, they tend to work and re-work on it again and again and again and again and again until it can’t be work out any longer. Then, there they’ll say ‘enjoy your life’ [but if you really need me, please let me know and I’ll try my best to help you].

Now I find the art of ‘enjoying my life’ is not so enjoyful after all.


One thought on “‘Enjoy your life’ wish

  1. I’ve never head “enjoy your life” as a phrase at all to be honest. “Take care” I’ve
    heard a few times. And “Don’t become a stranger”.

    Was the person who occupied your heart and texted you “Enjoy your life” based
    in Canberra or Japan?

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