Terminology Disorientation

Some people whom I know said that I am an inquisitive person. I like to questions many things and ask for their feedback or opinion about things that I don’t quite understand.

Today, I heard a friend define a sexual relationship as an “acquaintance” because it is too early to be stated as a “friend” let alone as a “boyfriend and girlfriend” relationship. To some extend that kind of ‘acquaintances’– according to the source- can’t even be define as a ‘relationship’.

So, here I am thinking about terminology and do a little research about this matter. According to m-w.com, an acquaintance is ‘a person whom one knows but who is not a particularly close friend’. Now things are getting more confusing because of the definition of ‘close relationship’. In my simple mind, the deepest relationship is marriage and the closest/deepest act of relationship is consuming the relationship a.k.a having sex (or making love or f***- whatever). On the opposite end, there are divorce and can’t stand of each other to an extend where one can’t even hear each other name mentioned in any circumstances.

I just wondering, what is a better terminology to state the relationship between two people who just know each other and had already consuming the ‘acquaintance-ship’? The biggest question than this is why would people do this kind of thing? Are they losing control of themselves? Are they desperate? Are they crazy? Is it because they think or have illusion that they are having a special connection (a.k.a lust)?

Honestly, I think this is too much to be analyzed. Let alone the worthiness of this particular shlog. For a simple Indonesian mind like me, anything goes beyond simple kisses is neither an acquaintance nor friendship. In someway it is a relationship. Let’s ignore the time index for a while since closeness are variable between individuals.

Anyway, what do I care about this thing? It’s only a terminology and people are free to define whatever they like. It’s amazing to realize how different ethnicity, language, culture and exposure affecting people behavior, conduct and action towards other human being. Indeed, it takes a lot of people to make the world. And it is our prominent aim in searching of happiness by being truthful in accepting whom we want to be around with and whom we don’t.

May everyone around me be blessed with the power of decision and find their own light at the end of the dark tunnel.


3 thoughts on “Terminology Disorientation

  1. I think you’re disapproving of your friends
    behaviour rather than being genuinely interested
    in the terminology of someone you’ve had sex
    with but are not even an aquaintance of. I can
    think of a few words to describe such a person,
    but none of them are very polite!

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