The boy at the bus stop

There was a little boy in a yellow top and green shorts asked the lady next to me for a coin. The lady who was busy reading shook her head and said no.

The boy’s face was gloomy and he looked down to the floor. The lady didn’t notice. I was hoping that the boy will come to me. Unfortunately he didn’t, in my heart, I was wondering why. Is it because I am Asian? or maybe he presume that I don’t speak English?

The boy walked away. His head was still on the floor. I can’t stand it anymore and called him “excuse me!!” and handed him some coins. He said “thank you” faintly and quickly walked away.

I feel sorry for him because it must be hard to even ask for money from strangers let alone be rejected for it. There are many questions in my head pertaining the boy such as the reason for him being there, what happened to his parents, is he hungry, does he need some help, and in which part of Sydney he lives. I wish I had not only hand him some coins, I wish I asked him whether he wants something to eat. Now, I just wish him the best. May he find the way home safely.

Life is strange, sometimes we feel we’re the most miserable person in the world and bitching about life around us. But another time, we see that our life is actually better off than some other people. May we be blessed by seeing those people around us so we can bless whatever we have today.


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