Web2.0 vs Web3.0

I tried to organize my membership in various web2.0 websites because I’d like to try them all. Unfortunately time wise this thing creates a diversion to my supposedly tight schedule that I made for my self this week. Anyway, while people like me still trying to find the needle on the huge stack about what is actually a Web2.0 then somehow I stumbled to this:

“We’re delivering Web 3.0 capabilities to you while the rest of the world is just discovering Web 2.0! ” in http://www.allthingsweb2.com. (http://www.allthingsweb2.com/mtree/KNOWLEDGE_2.0/ManyWorlds.com_%7C_Thought_Leadership_For_Business_%7C__Networking_and_Knowledge/details/)

When I read it for the first time, I was gawking disbelieved to see that and said to myself what the heck is this new animal? So there I was become a member to the said Web3.0 website in manyworlds.com just to get a feel of what is it all about.

So far, I haven’t got any ideas what made it a Web3.0 instead of 2.0. Anyone knows?


One thought on “Web2.0 vs Web3.0

  1. I think you’re being taken for a ride. No such thing as “Web 3.0”. Just some
    guys trying to make out that they’re modern and smart I guess.

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