Mom and the Opera house

Mom and the Opera house

Originally uploaded by Benilda.

“What’s that ‘ta’? ” asked my mom.
“It’s the opera house mom”
“What’s that for?”
“People performs there. So we can find drama, theater and opera there, do you want me to take you there sometimes?”
“No.. it’s not my type of excursion yet. I don’t even understand what do they mean”.

My mom does not like museum because she said it’s only for clever people who would like to see the world in the past. She think she’s not up to that level yet, so there’s no point to bring her to such places. I love my mom so much, she’s so simple and very cute with her ways of thinking most of the time.

Just for an example, we were waiting for a bus in central. She saw some teenagers with tore jeans and said:
“Why do this children walking in the street like that? Don’t they supposed to feel ashamed?”
“Well..that’s how they dress up mom, it’s trend”
“Don’t their parents tell them not to wear such thing?”
“I don’t think they parents can say anything at all, or they won’t listen”
“Your brother used to have one jeans like that, so I took a scissor and cut the jeans into two… ” (laughing).

I laugh and told her that it’s very different down here. Children can wear basically whathever they want. It’s free and it’s their choice. Later on in their life they can choose whether it’s really good for them or not. So when they grow up, they grow up as an adult who knows what it was like when they were young. Unlike in Indonesia we can see many adults who wished they had done this kind of thing when they were young but then the society didn’t allow them to do this. As a result, we can see some cases where adults act like children or even worse dating children and think it’s okay.


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