The job that I hate the most

There is one job that I hate the most which is finding the job itself. Might be because of that I have not changing job for the last 10 years. Well… to think about it again, I have had other jobs before I have my current job.

When I was in kindergarten, my brother was smaller then me at that time. My job was to protect him from the brats. So, if a kid disturb my brother, I’ll came up to him and gave him a bit of a lesson.

During my school years, my job was being the leader of some of the classes I am in, self appointed as an Indonesian constitution reader for every flag rising ceremony. I was also into boyscouts at that time. I was the leader in some flag rising ceremony. So basically I was ‘serving’ my community.

In my uni days, I did more serious work. I voluntered as an English teacher for the marginalized children near my place, temping in two banks, tutoring Indonesian and English and put on marketing campaign for the economic faculty management major in order to sell our ‘crappy’ jackets.

After the banking jobs, I decided that I’m not the kind of person who can sit still in a desk and work. So, me & my friends made an English tuition centre. It went well until I got married then I made my own. Since then I’ve been teaching all the way until now.

Sometimes, I feel jealous with my students and my friends who told me they’ve worked different kind of interesting jobs when they were young. One of my friend ever become a grave digger in a European city when he was young. Some of my students also work in different places, bars, cafe, clothes shop, construction, and many more. I think they are lucky to experience a lot of things before they settle with whathever they want to become. Now, I think my life is a bit boring, there was not enough spice in my career life compared with the personal front. Might be it’s time to move on and try new things.

I should’ve just borrowed Nike’s slogan than writing another shlog in my blog. So, I’ll just do it then.


One thought on “The job that I hate the most

  1. Looking for a new job is challenging but it is important to know *what* you are looking for. What skills do you currently have and want to use? What skills and knowledge do you want to gain? Write a detailed description of a day in your “idea” job. I found the book WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE has a useful survey in the back. You should be able to find the book in the library

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