My first swim in almost two years

This is the first day when me & my boss doing our Tuesdays and Thursdays swimming day for this semester. The idea was about to get fit and it’s good to have an exercise buddy to made us stick to our commitment.

Anyway, this is my first swim in Australia for almost two years living here. It’s all because of the weather. I like warm weather, water, and drinks. So, the cold water put me off from the pool. But, thanks to my boss, she convinced me that it was a heated pool. At first when I get in, it was not as warm as I expected but after some encouragement to keep on moving from my boss, I feel great and get quite warm afterwards.

I was surprised to find out how fast I got tired after a few swim compared to my gym routines. I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday now because I had this written plan by the personal trainer that need to be assessed every now and then. Might be because I am not used to swim yet. Let’s wait and see what happened in the second round.


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