My Mom and Australia

I just returned from another holiday in Queensland for a week. The holiday was great because at least I can be refreshed and more energized in taking my new road.

There are many amusing stories along the road which I have to write down in batches as my memory returns. The most memorable one is the amusement in taking my mom into those places.

Since I am a big fan of yha ( because its reasonable price, cleanliness and people are generally friendly, so maybe my mom will fit in well there as well. She loves the idea of cooking at the Yha. The only thing that make it a bit challenging was the fact that she is a very early morning person. She used to wake up at 4 am and praying then reading Koran and praying again. So, she can’t sleep after 4 am. She woke me up to pray and I bet she made other people who shared the room feel uncomfortable as well. So, next time if I had another chance to take her around, I shall take her to an appropriate hotel instead of Yha experience.

I am glad that my mom see some parts of Australia now. She came to Australia a few times in the past when my dad did his business trip but that was still the Keating era so its pretty different back then compared to Indonesian perception towards Australia nowadays. When we were on the road, my mom commented that she didn’t realize Australia can be so peaceful, secure and nice. I think this is because the news about Australia in Indonesian paper was basically smells trouble ranging from anti-moslem sentiments, participation in Iraq war, Bali bombing and Australian hatred to Indonesian for that, plus the Ms Schepelle Corby case. She asked me sometimes whether it is allright for her to wear her hijab around. Might be she was worried that people will judge and label her so she won’t be treated well in here. On the contrary, people was generally very helpful and greet her in some occasions.

Now, she was even wondering why Australian need to go overseas for holiday if they have the Gold Coast. She thinks its the best beach that she’d ever seen, it’s even better than Bali’s beaches.

I think my mom changed her perception about somethings in Australia now. Even though she can’t make sense why do parents let their children kissing in public during new year eve celebration, but one thing that made me happy was she feels secure to let me stay and work in Australia.


One thought on “My Mom and Australia

  1. Something new (friend, culture, beach, etc) are often look greater than things that we have and enjoyed for long time even since we’re born.

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