Same as usual

A friend from Gtalk asked me today how was my day. I replied to him that my day was so far so good. In other word, it’s nothing extraordinary happened that worth to mentioned.

Now after midnight, I thought I had a very good day indeed with somethings happening in one day. For instance, my mom came from Indonesia and I picked her up at the airport. We shared the bed together and talked about things from ghosts to men. I shared one of my housemates distress about her job. Me and mom went to buy some groceries. I talked with my other housemate about the book that I currently read (Albert Camus’ “The Rebel”) and she talked about the book which she had just finished. It’s about health research among some of the Japanese respondents and according to that book, it is important to eat a small portion of food and had a deep sleep maximum 4 hours a day. My housemate told me that once in her life, she had went through a meditation period where she only had water (no food at all) for 20 days. She said the first three days was very difficult then afterthat she felt changes to her body.

In the evening I took photos of my friend and a housemate who’s going out clubbing tonight because they just look gorgeous. Me and my housemate ‘feel’ our friend’s boobs because it’s soo nice in the dress that she put on and we would like to know how is it like. Conclusion from my part is we’re not as good as how man touch women. Because when we ‘feel’ her, our friend said ‘No.. not like that.. like this!!”. It’s a totally embarassing experience, but a good one though. I had a good chuckle afterwards.

After the girls went out, my neighbours came over and we had a tried on clothes session. I tried on the red mini dress that I’ve got from my neighbour — I thought it’s a bit tight on me, but they said it looks great on me. My mom shocked to see the dress and said I can’t wear it because the cut was too low and it’s too tight (well.. everything is too tight to my mom’s taste though– lol). My neighbour tried on her black dress, it was so sexy and she looks marvelous in it. My housemate -off course- looks great in everything that she tried on.

Bored with the fashion stuff, me and my housemate talk about travel and how important is one’s heart and soul rather than the ‘outer’ looks. For instance, if one is a very successful person as perceived by the society, it doesn’t mean that he/she can be a good person who can and willing do good deeds to other people without asking anything back in return.

Now, here I am, writing my shlog recorded things around me today yet haven’t accomplished what I intended or supposed to do such as re-do my resume and send it to some advertisers in order to get a job and finished reading Camus book so I can move on to another one. Plus.. I didn’t go to gym today. So, biggest accomplisment for today is touching a girlfriend’s DD boobs and my patients in listening to my mom’s theory on ‘all men are dogs’ (and off the record: mom.. women love dogs). Is this sound ‘same as usual’? hm… maybe or maybe not. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Same as usual

  1. Nice ruse to touch the DD boobs. “You look sooo nice in
    that dress- let me cop a feel”. I must try that one sometime.

    Your mum is wrong that “all men are dogs”. Some of us are

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