A girl from Daegu

A girl from Daegu asked me what do I wish for Christmas. I told her that I have never celebrate Xmas and it’s not my custome to wish for something but if I really can make a wish it will be for someone to fix my wireless network connection. She gave me an understanding smile and I laughed.

A girl from Daegu asked me about first love and love. I told her that the first love was stupid but unforgetable and described my definition about love. She said that I’m lucky because I can feel something. Apparently she never feel anything at all towards her previous partners. Maybe that should be her Christmas wish.

I asked the girl from Daegu about her dream. She said she would like to get married, be a housewife and taking care of her children. Some lucky couple I know have her dream but it does not mean they are content with their life because they have another dream. Most of the time, dream is about something that we do not have. Why can’t some human beings feel blessed with whathever they have just simply because their current life might be other people’s dream.


One thought on “A girl from Daegu

  1. It really hits the right note:P… But having big ambition keeps me alive:)
    Kangen deh mo ngobrol2 ngalor-ngidul lagi.. kapan ya…

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